Like in our last years, there is a geekroom contest.

The rules are same as last years, but to commemorate:

How to join?

Very simple: Take pictures of your collection, write a little description of it and what pieces you are very proud of.

Add everything to an E-Mail and sent it to:

[email protected]

Subject: Geekroom or Geekkingdom – depending on which contest you want to join.

Deadline this year: Friday, 21st of August, 7 p.m. (MET)

Good luck!


Eligibility requirements

Before running to your room, camera in hand, please read yourself trough the rules!

As last year, there are two contests. So there are different rules.

Geekroom: The geekroom is for Otakus of each age, who live with there parents or any shared place. The standard chaos coming up, if you try to get all your collection into one room, same as the collection itself and the whole impression are important criteria.

To join: You need 8 photos of your room (=1 room) and a description (about one DINA4 page).

Geekkingdom: The geekkingdom contest is for those living in their own appartment and got their collection spread all about the place. Important here ist your collection and your presentation of it.

To join: Here you can/should send 16 photos of your kingdom and add two pages (DINA4) filled with bragging about it.

Collectors Award: This special price is given to one contestant that stands out of all the others for a special reason. If the contestants are about even, this price ist not given at all!


For both contests:

1 – It should be your collection and you are not allowed to reuse last years contest photos!

2 – Photos should at least have a resolution of 1024×768 pixels.

3 – Please put the text in whole sentences! No headwords/keywords.

4 – Dont’t forget to mention your special treasures and rares! We may not even notice it, if it is somewhere in the picture!

5 – To make it easier for us to connect some textlines to something in your picture you are allowed to add extra pictures with markings. Those do not count to the picture limit mentioned before! Please add any marking to them, so we know they don’t belong to the contest-pictures!

6 – Please send an extra E-Mail without add, so we can inform you if maybe your pictures were too big to get through!

7 – And please add an extra page with your real Name, your address and the nickname which you want to contribute with.


Pokemon Tournament

General procedure of the tournament

Hey Pokemon fans!

This year it will be all around….the Pokéball 😉

There will be again a Pokémon-Tournament with the newest editions Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby being as the motto.

All that you need is your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS, a valid edition and a Pokémon team which are within the rules of the contest. Attention! There are only limited passes for trainers.

Two weeks before the AniNite there will be a sign up document on the homepage. You have to fill in

  • Your Name
  • The six participating Pokémons
  • And in which difficulty you want to participate (Beginner or Intermediate)


  • Beginner!! NO tactics!!!!
  • eg only “favorite Pokémons”
  • eg ingame team
  • NO breeding
  • You can’t use strategic items



  • Set of rules 2015


If you have a Con-ticket for all three days, you can only sign up online.

All of you who can’t come on Friday, you can sign up on Saturday at the Convention. Also here are the passes for trainers limited and you can only sign up if you have a ticket for Sunday in addition.


Rundown of the Convention days


 You can get your reserved passes at the Pokémon-Centre (Room of the Pokémon event)


 All the other passes can be retrieved before noon. (Attention, the quantity is limited!)

  • Over the course of the day are our team member are scattered in their Cosplays of the Gym Leaders out of OR/AS. You have to search, challenge and defeat them, so you can collect their badges. You’ll gain a sticker which will be placed into the pass.
  • A Gym Leader can be challenged 3 times. If you lose 3 times you will be disqualified.
  • If you lose a match you have to go first to the Pokémon center and get yourself “healed”.
  • The Gym Leaders don’t have to be defeated in the same order as used in the game.
  • Please be respectful if a Gym Leader is taking a break. (They are humans like you and need a break)
  • Every person who collected all the eight badges by the end of the day is qualified for the matches on Sunday.


  • Our team members are scattered in the Cosplays of the Top 4 from OR/AS. The procedure is the same as on Saturday. The only exception here is that the Champ can only be challenged if you defeated all of the Top 4. Only the first person who beats the Champ will win a prize.
  • One of the Top 4 can be challenged 2 times. If you lose 2 times you will be disqualified.
  • If you lose a match you have to go first to the Pokémon center and get yourself “healed”.
  • The Champ can only be challenged one time.

There will be a winner for the beginner and a winner for the intermediate. As soon you signed up, you’re agreeing not to avoid any of the fights.

We won’t make it easy for you this year. On both days you can expect serious fights. All of the challengers will get a Pokémon button which must be placed clearly visible. If not you will be disqualified. If you have questions please use ONLY our Facebook page. There will all the questions be answered ASAP. Pokemon

Seiyuu Quiz

In this contest the candidates have to guess the characters from an Anime from their voices. So that the contest won’t be too hard, we only use key scenes from the Anime. The scenes contain familiar names, locations or other well-known features will be played. In case the voice actor had other roles in different Anime you can narrow the possibilities. Additionally four different possible choices will be provided.

The contest contains both German dubs and original Japanese voices. Genres will range from the girly Shoujos up to bloody Horrors. The team with the most points is the winner.


Set of rules and how it works

You think you know your favorite Anime well? Then you can prove it here in our “Character Quiz” and guess your characters via their voices.

What is this exactly?

So what’s this all about? Really simple: You have to guess the character and the Anime just from hearing the voices. Is it impossible? No. We want to test your sense of hearing and if you know your favorite Anime well enough.


Ok got it and how does this work?

You will compete in a team of two. Since the places are limited, please rush ASAP to the information table and sign up. You can ether sign up as a team or in case of single sign ups we will throw the singles into a team. The process is really simple. You will hear a scene from an Anime and you have to guess which character is speaking and which Anime it is. You can choose from 4 different choices. For each right answer you will get a point.

Cosplayfoto Contest

Theme: “When Worlds collide”


  1. Puristen: You like to make photos, but you are unsure about your post-production-skills? Then this is the perfect group for you.
  2. Effekthascher: You know about RAW, Gradient, Layers, the Repair-tool and the many more ways how digital editing can supplement your photos? In this case you should enter in this group. All edits are only meant to supplement the original photo.
  3. EXTRA: The EXTRA-group is for all participants who want to go all-out in their edits. Show everyone what you can! Digital editing is explicitly welcome.


General rules:

Every participant can only enter one photo into the contest.

Obscene, racist, discriminating, pornographic or out of scale violent photos are excluded from participation.

At least one cosplayer has to be clearly visible on the submission.

The participant agrees, that AniManga Austria is allowed to use the photo in context to AniNite and similar events in any media.

The submission must be at least 2000 x 3000 pixels, in JPG – format and without any visible or invisible watermark. (They will be properly labeled when used.)

In entering the contest, the participant agrees to:
  • Having read and understood the rules, and agreeing to them.
  • Having produced the photo himself/herself.
  • Having the submission explicitly made for this contest.
  • Not publishing the submission prior to the end of the contest.
  • Having all the rights for the submitted photo. (stock-material is forbidden)
  • Sending the unaltered original photo (directly out-of-cam, in JPG or RAW) in addition to the submission.
There are some additional rules for the different groups of the contest:
  • You are allowed to edit your photo in all ways, you could also be making in-camera. (Global effect-filters, contrast, cropping, …)
  • No further editing is allowed.
  • Post-processing is allowed. However, elements used in the post-processing must be originally produced.
  • Post-processing is allowed. Elements used in the post-processing must be either originally produced or public domain and/or royalty-free. When using stock-material, the original creator of the material has to be credited.

Necessary information for entering the contest:

“In which group do you want to participate?”
“Who is on the photo?” (Which character, from which anime and which cosplayer(s))
“Who made the photo?” (Real name, pen-name and contact information)
“How does this photo relate to the contest-theme?” (Please describe the scene)

In order to making it easier for the jury to rate your effort in the post-production, it can be helpful to send screenshots of the different steps in the editing.

ATTENTION: Breaking the rules will result in disqualification from the contest!

How are the submissions rated?

The jury consists of one (cosplay-)photographer, one cosplayer one muggle (neither cosplayer nor photographer).

There will also be a referee in case of a draw.

The submissions are sent to the jury members for their personal rating without any information about the author. The jury members will then rate the photos independently. The jury-members will then have a discussion where they will inform the others about their ratings and the winners of the individual groups are decided.

There are different emphases, depending on the group you are entering the contest.
  • Puristen:
    The most important factor in this group is, how well the photo suits the theme and the composition of the scene.
  • Effekthascher:
    Additionally to the realization of the theme, the editing also influences the rating though the main focus lies on the quality of unedited photo.
  • Extra:
    The photos submitted in the Extra-group are judged on the basis of the finished photo. The quality of the post-production is equally important to the composition and how well the photo suits the theme.
A last reminder:

Please don’t break the rules. It would be a pity if I have to disqualify you, after you’ve invested time and money into your photo. In the case of small and easily corrected breaches, in submissions well before the end of the contest, I will try to contact you, in order to give you a chance to correct it.

The submissions, including all relevant attachments must be timely submitted to .

Please use a file-hoster (e.g. Dropbox, wetransfer, …) for large attachements.

Deadline is set to 31.07.15
extended until 16.08. 2015 23:59 Uhr, Local time Vienna.

If you have any questions regarding the contest, please do not hesitate to contact me by means of private messages, e-mail or by posting your question in the official facebook-group “CosplayFotoWettbewerb Aninite 2015″.

I wish you best of luck and fun,
Felix, aka. FHotografix


Gaming Contest

True gamers show their talent at AniNite 2015 in a video game competition. It is worth a look or two!

Stay tuned!

Dance Dance Revolution
Mario Kart 8
Super Smash Bros
Pokemon (Nintendo 3DS)

Planned but not yet confirmed:
Super Mario World 3D
Dead or Alive
Killer Instinct (ab 16+)
Just Dance
Street Fighter
…and more coming soon!

Prizes are sponsored by AniNite and these companies:
xbox EA_Logo_transparenter_Hintergrund ATVI_LogoBlack_small

Modelkit Contest

This year you can show what you have learned last year.

The competition will be held in two categories: Beginner and Advanced.

Beginner: You have edited only a few kits, but are familiar with the basics, such as priming, sanding and clean painting .

Advanced: You’ve been around longer, know many different staining techniques, your showcase at home is overcrowded and jumping over your shadow no longer is a problem for you.

Here are the rules:

  1. The figure was completely pretreated and painted by YOU.
  2. A figure that has already participated in a competition is unfortunately excluded from participation.
  3. The figure should be up to date, so please do not use sets older than 1 year!
  4. Please note that the AniNite has no age limit. Artful eroticism is okay, everything beyond that we can not show unfortunately.
  5. The figure must be made of resin or vinyl. Modified PVC figures are only available on request an option. Please write an e-mail to
  6. Your character has to be a living being that belongs to the subject of anime or video game.
  7. Figures will be accepted until saturday 6pm and must be picked up to Sunday 3pm again.
  8. You bring own a card with your name / Nick with (for showing it next to the figure);
  9. And a description of stylistic devices used (type of painting) name and type of figure, working time, materials and color.

The figures must be handed over at the information booth.

Any questions? Please write an e-mail to

We reserve the right to disqualify kits that do not apply the rules.


Fanart sponsored by STABILO


Topic: Kitsune!

This years topic is spread wide to give your creativity a little bit of possiblities to play with! It does not matter if you want to draw your favorite Kitsune-character from any anime/manga/video game or if you want to create your own interpretation of the traditional japanese mythical creature – everything is possible and legit, as long as it is clearly recognizable as a kitsune.


1st Place – quality metal case with 50 STABILO Pen 68 felt tip pens + Anime Goodiepack
2nd Place – quality metal case with 40 STABILO Pen 68 felt tip pens + Anime Goodiepack
3rd Place- quality metal case with 30 STABILO Pen 68 felt tip pens + Anime Goodiepack

sponsored by Stabilo

But as we all know, kitsunes tend to chance their appearance, so we encourage you to keep it visible that it is/was a fox sometime ago. This means: only animal-like fox-characters, kemono-mimi (humans with animal ears and tail), anthro foxes and stuff like that are allowed. (Sadly drawing a portrait of your small sister and trying to explain us she is a bewitched fox princess won’t work out for us.)
Kitsune Fanart


You can draw your artwork traditional style or digital style. Size allowance ranges from A3 to A5,so it does not matter if your picture is 20cm x 20cm or A4, this does not count for evaluation. Resolution must be at least 300 dpi.

You can send your picture to [email protected] or bring it to our booth at AniNite on Friday, 28th of August 2015 until 8pm, we will have a scanner available for traditional work, but we prefer you having your picture scanned in at home and brought to us with a USB-stick. Same goes for digital artworks but vice versa. We can print them out at AniNite, but having them printed out by yourself might result in a better printing quality (pictures sent to us 3 days before the deadline may be printed out in high quality by the AniNite staff).

Things we definitly need to know if you send us your work:

  • Your name/artist name
  • Age
  • contact (prefering mail)
  • medium (traditional or digital)
  • and if your work is fanart, from which source (anime/manga/videogame)

Artworks will be displayed at AniNite. We assume no liabilty for original content!!!


IMPORTANT! In order to win you have to be at AniNite on Sunday and be able to claim your prize!
Each category (traditional/digital) will have 3 placements (no categories for ages, etc.).
Mixed categories will be sorted into one category by the jury.(eg. pencil work with digital coloring would be ‘digital’ since most of the work was done at the computer). Your work will be evaluated for technique and creativity.

There is a possibility for special prizes for most creative/funniest work (wich may not be the best in terms of drawing quality but may present a very good idea nevertheless). And for the smallest fans and drawers we have special-category called the ‘Kiddy-Special prize’ for children under 12 years.

By that rules everyone has the chance to win a prize, unheared of the drawing skills.

Only unpublished work!

The picture mustn’t have been published before and must not be stolen. Traced pictures are not really welcome as well! We reserve the right to disqualify any suspicious images.

Youth protection:

Please keep your work free from pornographic images, exzessive violence and other stuff which may not be suitable for underage visitors at AniNite. Also we can not accept images which contain content contrary to the Austrian law!

Dance Dance Revolution

General information:

As offered every year, this year Aninite again allowes you to step up to do some DDR fun with your favorite anime-tracks and other songs from a wide range of genres. It does not matter if you are a DDR pro or just a beginner, everyone will be welcomed with open arms here. Give it a try and show off your skill. Cheers guaranteed!


The 2015 AniNite tournament will be hosted in two leagues: Beginner and Advanced. The system we play will be the so-called „King of the Hill-system“. This means you do not compete against one opponent every round but have to compete against the whole league every round.
Questions can be called out to the local DDR-staff.Same goes for the sign-ups which will be processed directly at the DDR-booth at AniNite 2015.

Prizes are sponsored by EMP!

Anime Music Video (AMV)

Same as last year there will be an AMV Contest held at the AniNite. As soon as the requirements and rules are specified, they will be presented here.

Stay tuned!

Austrian Otaku Of The Year

There was a sad time, when there was just one Anime Convention in Austria. It’s organizer had the fun idea of crowning an “Otaku of the Year”. in the meantime, Austria got a great deal of amazing conventions. So, if you want to be the “biggest Otaku of the Year”, you have to do more than just to go to the AniNite. That’s the reason why we founded the “Otaku-League” …

  • Everybody can participate in this league.
  • Every event that deals with Cosplay, Japan or its culture can participate.
  • Every participant has an overview of his current score and the next participating event.

Application and further informations on Austrian Otaku of the Year can be found on: AOL.ANIMANGA.AT