Like in our last years, there is a geekroom contest.

The rules are same as last years, but to commemorate:

How to join?

Very simple: Take pictures of your collection, write a little description of it and what pieces you are very proud of.

Add everything to an E-Mail and sent it to:

[email protected]

Subject: Geekroom or Geekkingdom – depending on which contest you want to join.

Deadline this year: Friday, 21st of August, 7 p.m. (MET)

Good luck!


Eligibility requirements

Before running to your room, camera in hand, please read yourself trough the rules!

As last year, there are two contests. So there are different rules.

Geekroom: The geekroom is for Otakus of each age, who live with there parents or any shared place. The standard chaos coming up, if you try to get all your collection into one room, same as the collection itself and the whole impression are important criteria.

To join: You need 8 photos of your room (=1 room) and a description (about one DINA4 page).

Geekkingdom: The geekkingdom contest is for those living in their own appartment and got their collection spread all about the place. Important here ist your collection and your presentation of it.

To join: Here you can/should send 16 photos of your kingdom and add two pages (DINA4) filled with bragging about it.

Collectors Award: This special price is given to one contestant that stands out of all the others for a special reason. If the contestants are about even, this price ist not given at all!


For both contests:

1 – It should be your collection and you are not allowed to reuse last years contest photos!

2 – Photos should at least have a resolution of 1024×768 pixels.

3 – Please put the text in whole sentences! No headwords/keywords.

4 – Dont’t forget to mention your special treasures and rares! We may not even notice it, if it is somewhere in the picture!

5 – To make it easier for us to connect some textlines to something in your picture you are allowed to add extra pictures with markings. Those do not count to the picture limit mentioned before! Please add any marking to them, so we know they don’t belong to the contest-pictures!

6 – Please send an extra E-Mail without add, so we can inform you if maybe your pictures were too big to get through!

7 – And please add an extra page with your real Name, your address and the nickname which you want to contribute with.