Box office

Donnerstag Konzert (27.08.2015) 17.00 € 30.00 €
Freitag (28.08.2015) 15.00 € 18.00 €
Samstag (29.08.2015)  17.00 € 20.00 €
Sonntag (30.08.2015)  15.00 € 18.00 €
Con-Ticket (28.-30.08.2015)  29.00 € 35.00 €
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Box office tickets will be limited by the size of the concert area!

Box office will be open from friday to sunday during convention opening hours!

The con-package consists of a t-shirt in selectable size as well as a little surprise.Due to logistical reasons the Con-package will not be available at box office and will be sold during presale only.
Presale ends 31.07.2015
Payment options
1. Cash deposit on bank account
2. Bank Transfer (within the EU free space)
Each customer has a 14 day period of time to pay his ticket, otherwise the order will expire and the tickets will be up for sale again. In order to obtain the ticket price the money must be credited to our account within the relevant deadline (but no later than 31.07.2015).
Already paid tickets can be cancelled with a refund until 17.07.2015 with a  20% cancellation fee and eventually occuring PayPal fees.
Further notice
After the date of 31.07.2015 the presale will not be possible anymore. Tickets may only be sold at the box office during the convention time after that point. Box office will offer a generous amount of tickets but will not be without limitations. We can not guarantee for an availability throughout the convention opening hours. Presale tickets which have been paid and validated by us already can be fetched at the special box office via code.

General information

On the AniNite the house rules mentioned on this website are subject of validity.
The forecourt of the MultiVersum as well as parts of the Interspar parking lot and the rear car parking lot belong to the convention area of the AniNite.
The MultiVersum is handicapped accessible. The hall and the conference rooms are accessible to disabled people. Moreover, there are disabled toilets.
Children and adolescents
Children under the age of 6 years are free of charge as long as they are acompanied by a legal guardian or an authorized  guardian of age.
Adolescents under 14 years which are not acompanied by an adult must leave AniNite before 10pm every day.
After 10pm adolescents under 14 years need a companion (legal guardian or an authorized  guardian of age).
Non smoking area
Throughout the whole area of the AniNite we enforce a strict non smoking policy as far as it is not stated otherwise.
Selling products and/or distributing promotional material witouth prior consultation with the organizers is prohibited.
Please watch out to keep the surroundings of the Multiversum tidy and neat. It is also prohibited to write on walls, glue anything onto walls or contaminate them in any other way.
Alcohol and drugs (as well as hookah) are strictly prohibited at the AniNite and the whole convention area. If you get caught in possession or usage of any of the here mentioned you will get expelled from AniNite.
Open fire is strictly prohibited at the convention area.
Roller skates, skateboards and sports equipment like these are not suitable for any means of transport onsite at the AniNite. Please only use them for decorational purposes; e.g. for cosplays.
Due to the high risk of getting hurt or hurting someone severely it is probibited to do any kind of ball games on the convention area.
Animals are prohibited at the AniNite. There are expections for specially trained animals as support for persons with reduced physical or mental mobilty (e.g. guide dogs).