Houserules AniNite 2015

The house rules have their foundation and assertiveness in the house right, in the private as well as the public instructions. They were elaborated by the organisation AniManga Austria. The house rules are integral part for the access authorisation of the event. With the access of the event the visitor agrees the house rules.

 § 1 The organizer, executive staff, helpers and security staff are marked with special t-shirts and/or con-passports. Instructions delegated by these people are to be obeyed absolutely. A disturbance of the event will be punished with a complaint as per § 285 StGB.

§ 2 An entrance fee for the entrance to the event is to be paid. The definition of this fee falls to the organizer and is not open to negotiation. An entrance ticket will be received for the payment of the entrance fee. This ticket is to be worn visibly on the body and can be controlled at any time by the organizer or any authorized person.

§ 3 The organizer has the right to ban any persons from the event which transgress against the house rules, are a nuisance to other visitors or disturb the event. There is no right of refund of the paid entrance fee.

§ 4 The recording of video or sound is basically allowed until cancelled except recordings on toilets or changing rooms without the allowance of the recoded persons. The visitors accept that there is the possibility of photographs and/or video recordings being made and published within the scope of the event. There is no claim of consideration or right to object of the publication.

§4.1 For the recording of video and/or audio material for press activity (as well as any kind of intended press activity) a press agreement (requests to [email protected]) has to be filled out with complete and correct data, signed and send to an given the organizers (or a therefore allowed person [email protected]) blessing.


Every person entering the area approves of the recording of free audio and video material which can be used for free through direct or time-delayed video-display, direct or time-delayed broadcast or another transmission or recording, photos or other present and/or future media technology.

Every person entering the area approves of the recording and/or broadcasting of audio and/or video material only for private use. Under every circumstance it is strictly forbidden to broadcast whole or partial audio and/or video recordings via internet, radio, television or any other present and/or future media or assist other persons by the procedure of such activities. This does not apply for press representatives and electronic media which have the accreditation by the organizer.

The visitor said willing to admit that when TV broadcasts and any other recordings of transmitting television station, without compensation from him during or in connection with the event without any recording by means of temporal or spatial constraint any current or future technological process can be evaluated.

§ 5 Weapons: The separately posted weapon rules are valid for the whole special event area and timeframe.

§ 6 The entrainment of any other objects which can cause danger of other persons and accordingly the usage of any object as a weapon is strictly forbidden. The security staff will take objects which accord to this definition, at the latest, by end of the event into custody (the object will be delivered to the Austrian executive, if the possession of the object is not allowed in Austria). If the person resists the sequestration, he/she will be banned from the event according to § 3 of the house rules.

§ 7 The therefore authorized persons (i.e. martial arts artists) and members of the Austrian executive on duty are excluded of the limitations of § 5 and 6.

§ 8 The entrainment, the consummation or the proliferation of substances according as Art. 1 Substances Act (SMG) is forbidden. The organizer is obliged to notify every violation. Every person owning substances during the event will be furthermore banned from the event according to §3 of the house rules.

§ 9 The consummation of food, drinks or tobaccos is only allowed in the therefore provided areas. The consummation of alcoholic food or drinks during the event is forbidden.

§ 10 Taking animals inside is not permitted.

§ 11 Any inventory, furniture, walls or windows should not be damaged! The displaying of posters, wall scrolls etc. requires consent of the event organisation. The polluter will be liable for the damage!

We thank you for your comprehension to maintain the security and the good of all people involved.


Your AniNite-Team