Dance Dance Revolution

General information:

As offered every year, this year Aninite again allowes you to step up to do some DDR fun with your favorite anime-tracks and other songs from a wide range of genres. It does not matter if you are a DDR pro or just a beginner, everyone will be welcomed with open arms here. Give it a try and show off your skill. Cheers guaranteed!


The 2015 AniNite tournament will be hosted in two leagues: Beginner and Advanced. The system we play will be the so-called „King of the Hill-system“. This means you do not compete against one opponent every round but have to compete against the whole league every round.
Questions can be called out to the local DDR-staff.Same goes for the sign-ups which will be processed directly at the DDR-booth at AniNite 2015.

Prizes are sponsored by EMP!