Modelkit Contest

This year you can show what you have learned last year.

The competition will be held in two categories: Beginner and Advanced.

Beginner: You have edited only a few kits, but are familiar with the basics, such as priming, sanding and clean painting .

Advanced: You’ve been around longer, know many different staining techniques, your showcase at home is overcrowded and jumping over your shadow no longer is a problem for you.

Here are the rules:

  1. The figure was completely pretreated and painted by YOU.
  2. A figure that has already participated in a competition is unfortunately excluded from participation.
  3. The figure should be up to date, so please do not use sets older than 1 year!
  4. Please note that the AniNite has no age limit. Artful eroticism is okay, everything beyond that we can not show unfortunately.
  5. The figure must be made of resin or vinyl. Modified PVC figures are only available on request an option. Please write an e-mail to
  6. Your character has to be a living being that belongs to the subject of anime or video game.
  7. Figures will be accepted until saturday 6pm and must be picked up to Sunday 3pm again.
  8. You bring own a card with your name / Nick with (for showing it next to the figure);
  9. And a description of stylistic devices used (type of painting) name and type of figure, working time, materials and color.

The figures must be handed over at the information booth.

Any questions? Please write an e-mail to

We reserve the right to disqualify kits that do not apply the rules.