Cosplayfoto Contest

Theme: “When Worlds collide”


  1. Puristen: You like to make photos, but you are unsure about your post-production-skills? Then this is the perfect group for you.
  2. Effekthascher: You know about RAW, Gradient, Layers, the Repair-tool and the many more ways how digital editing can supplement your photos? In this case you should enter in this group. All edits are only meant to supplement the original photo.
  3. EXTRA: The EXTRA-group is for all participants who want to go all-out in their edits. Show everyone what you can! Digital editing is explicitly welcome.


General rules:

Every participant can only enter one photo into the contest.

Obscene, racist, discriminating, pornographic or out of scale violent photos are excluded from participation.

At least one cosplayer has to be clearly visible on the submission.

The participant agrees, that AniManga Austria is allowed to use the photo in context to AniNite and similar events in any media.

The submission must be at least 2000 x 3000 pixels, in JPG – format and without any visible or invisible watermark. (They will be properly labeled when used.)

In entering the contest, the participant agrees to:
  • Having read and understood the rules, and agreeing to them.
  • Having produced the photo himself/herself.
  • Having the submission explicitly made for this contest.
  • Not publishing the submission prior to the end of the contest.
  • Having all the rights for the submitted photo. (stock-material is forbidden)
  • Sending the unaltered original photo (directly out-of-cam, in JPG or RAW) in addition to the submission.
There are some additional rules for the different groups of the contest:
  • You are allowed to edit your photo in all ways, you could also be making in-camera. (Global effect-filters, contrast, cropping, …)
  • No further editing is allowed.
  • Post-processing is allowed. However, elements used in the post-processing must be originally produced.
  • Post-processing is allowed. Elements used in the post-processing must be either originally produced or public domain and/or royalty-free. When using stock-material, the original creator of the material has to be credited.

Necessary information for entering the contest:

“In which group do you want to participate?”
“Who is on the photo?” (Which character, from which anime and which cosplayer(s))
“Who made the photo?” (Real name, pen-name and contact information)
“How does this photo relate to the contest-theme?” (Please describe the scene)

In order to making it easier for the jury to rate your effort in the post-production, it can be helpful to send screenshots of the different steps in the editing.

ATTENTION: Breaking the rules will result in disqualification from the contest!

How are the submissions rated?

The jury consists of one (cosplay-)photographer, one cosplayer one muggle (neither cosplayer nor photographer).

There will also be a referee in case of a draw.

The submissions are sent to the jury members for their personal rating without any information about the author. The jury members will then rate the photos independently. The jury-members will then have a discussion where they will inform the others about their ratings and the winners of the individual groups are decided.

There are different emphases, depending on the group you are entering the contest.
  • Puristen:
    The most important factor in this group is, how well the photo suits the theme and the composition of the scene.
  • Effekthascher:
    Additionally to the realization of the theme, the editing also influences the rating though the main focus lies on the quality of unedited photo.
  • Extra:
    The photos submitted in the Extra-group are judged on the basis of the finished photo. The quality of the post-production is equally important to the composition and how well the photo suits the theme.
A last reminder:

Please don’t break the rules. It would be a pity if I have to disqualify you, after you’ve invested time and money into your photo. In the case of small and easily corrected breaches, in submissions well before the end of the contest, I will try to contact you, in order to give you a chance to correct it.

The submissions, including all relevant attachments must be timely submitted to .

Please use a file-hoster (e.g. Dropbox, wetransfer, …) for large attachements.

Deadline is set to 31.07.15
extended until 16.08. 2015 23:59 Uhr, Local time Vienna.

If you have any questions regarding the contest, please do not hesitate to contact me by means of private messages, e-mail or by posting your question in the official facebook-group “CosplayFotoWettbewerb Aninite 2015″.

I wish you best of luck and fun,
Felix, aka. FHotografix