Seiyuu Quiz

In this contest the candidates have to guess the characters from an Anime from their voices. So that the contest won’t be too hard, we only use key scenes from the Anime. The scenes contain familiar names, locations or other well-known features will be played. In case the voice actor had other roles in different Anime you can narrow the possibilities. Additionally four different possible choices will be provided.

The contest contains both German dubs and original Japanese voices. Genres will range from the girly Shoujos up to bloody Horrors. The team with the most points is the winner.


Set of rules and how it works

You think you know your favorite Anime well? Then you can prove it here in our “Character Quiz” and guess your characters via their voices.

What is this exactly?

So what’s this all about? Really simple: You have to guess the character and the Anime just from hearing the voices. Is it impossible? No. We want to test your sense of hearing and if you know your favorite Anime well enough.


Ok got it and how does this work?

You will compete in a team of two. Since the places are limited, please rush ASAP to the information table and sign up. You can ether sign up as a team or in case of single sign ups we will throw the singles into a team. The process is really simple. You will hear a scene from an Anime and you have to guess which character is speaking and which Anime it is. You can choose from 4 different choices. For each right answer you will get a point.