Weapon rules

Weapon rules AniNite 2015

To approve the safety of all visitors and staff attending the event, the following rules according weapons or cosplay weapons were set.

The following weapons are prohibited on the area of the AniNite

  • Weapons forbidden by the Austrian law (i.e. pistols, flick knifes, etc.)
  • Pyrotechnical stuff (i.e. firecracker, firework, etc.)
  • Weapons fabricated with metal (i.e. cosplay weapons with metal blades)
  • Sharp or pointed weapons or weapons which are considered dangerous because of their building technique or nature (i.e. pointed broomsticks, baseball bats)

Partly approved weapons

  • Weapons with more than 2 meter in length MAY be taken in custody to avoid the damaging of furniture, if they are incompatible with the building technique of the location or could be a risk for other visitors
  • Soft air weapons – only allowed without ammunition (security staff will conduct spot tests)

Approved weapons

  • LARP-weapons at least created with the following materials
    • Foamed material
    • Styrofoam
    • Cardboard
  • All weapons which do not transgress the guidelines as long as they are not too big or bulky
  • All weapons which do not transgress the guidelines as long as they do not endanger injuries of other visitors, property damage in the trading and artist area, etc.

These weapons will also be controlled by entrance.

Any accessories for which the hereby declared guidelines do not count are not explicit forbidden but must be permitted by the security in the entrance area.

Specified as “objects which might be categorized as dangerous” are all objects with which could harm or damage persons or objects either intentionally or also unintentionally by accident or incorrect handling.

We do not seek to forbid anyone parts of their costume or necessary tools, but through our responsibility that neither person nor goods should come to harm, the security staff is enabled to rank the actual hazard of such objects and to prohibit, to approve or to sanction the terms of the further entrainment.

For the first time of not following the terms there will be a warning. For the second time of not following the terms the object will be taken in custody and can be fetched at the entrance area when leaving the event or for usage for the purpose of a cosplay performance (in agreement with the cosplay-jury, see below). Should a not allowed/illegal object find its way onto the event area it will be immediately taken into custody and far-reaching consequences and even, according to the kind of weapon (i.e. by the Austrian law forbidden weapons), an annunciation could be initiated.

Not allowed weapons or objects have to be given into custody at the entrance. If these are acquired for cosplay performances, it MUST be specified with the security AND the cosplay-jury! Otherwise it could be possible that your weapons will not be available for the performance!

If allowed weapons or objects will be used improperly or in a dangerous way on the area of the AniNite, then the security can take those objects into custody at any time.

In case of objects which cannot be taken or accepted by the security (i.e. armed fire weapons, illiberal pyrotechnic, etc.) persons with legal possession (person with firearms licence, pyro technicians) will be denied access to the event area, in case of illegal possession the police is to be contacted (illegal possession of a weapon).

In this case the security staff is allowed to arrest the person under surveillance until the police arrives (right of stoppage in transit).

We ask you to handle your weapons with the most possible care, though not only furniture could be damaged and other people harmed, but you, too!


We thank you for your comprehension to maintain the security for the good of all people involved.

Your AniNite-Team