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The AniNite is the biggest anime convention in Austria. It’s a fact. Also we think that it is the greatest con in Austria as well. The question is: “Who is responsible and to thank for this awesome piece of austrian convention?” Maybe it will be you soon as well. The whole team of the AniNite consists of unsalaried girls, boys, women and men. They work throughout the year without earning a penny. The thanks and enthusiasm of the visitors is their salary. This enthusiasm also is gathering more and more visitors every year. Because of this we need more volunteers every year which help us expanding our team.

AniNite 2015 Crew Leitfaden AniNite 2015 Crew FAQ


These are your benefits for helping us:
Creative Freedom!
As a crew member you have better chances of having your ideas and visions becoming part of the concept of the AniNite.  Or there is anything that annoys you at the AniNite? Join the team to work on it together with us and make the AniNite a even better event.
Exclusive and strictly limited t-shirts!
AniNite crew t-shirts are strictly limited and even harder to get than the “Limited Special Collectors Edition”. They are only available for crew members.
Top secret background infos!
As member of the AniNite staff you get to know background information directly from the organizers way sooner than ordinary visitors and the rest of the world.
Excellent career opportunities!
People who want to have a little bit more responsibility are also welcome on board of the team.
Exclusive V.I.P parties!
As we already mentioned we cannot pay any salary. We try to compensate this with a party that will take place a few weeks after the AniNite and that is exclusively and only held for you, the staff of the AniNite convention.
NEW! “Service Certificate!
With credit for years of service: Each crew member may receive a service certificate“. It might say: “Mrs X was shift manager at the AniNite bar. They coordinated their team with five employees. ... . Doesn’t that sound good if you have to apply for a job? Furthermore, we can strive to make your work for the club being counted as an internship for your studies.
All inclusive stay!
As staff member you do not onyl get to enter the AniNite for free, you will also have acces to   free drinks (no energy-drinks, alcohol and imported products) and  free food.
Meet great people!
Many friendships have originated from the AniNite staff. This is THE opportunity to meet nice people and to experience something amazing and awesome with them.

Regulated working conditions!
Since we want our staff to be 100% motivated, we put up some rules for our volunteers. You can find some further information about your rights here: AniManga Projekt Manifest
What we want from you:
Commitment and enthusiasm!
Active implementation of the basics of personal hygiene, as well as command of the german language are a MUST! Crew members should be at least 16 years old. Otherwise, we must have a personal and written parental consent. Persons who handle money must be able to anticipate well in mind and be at least 18y.o.. You must have the physical and mental fitness for your you allocated workspace. Please understand that you will not be paid, but the job has to be done anyway and many people rely on you. Assembly and dismantling belong to this job too!
How to apply?
Register yourself at . (If you already have an account you just have to log in) You can find a list of teams that still require members here , and you can choose the team you want to apply for. There you can apply with a short text for the team. You should get a message a few days later if you have been accepted. For questions send an email to