Charity Tombola

For a good cause!
The AniNite Charity Tombola

Again this year and already for the 6th time there will be a large charity raffle again at AniNite where you can win lots of great prizes and the entire proceeds will be donated for a good cause.

Since the raffle is extremely popular at the AniNite and though we do have hundreds of prizes for you, our experience shows that we are sold out pretty fast (usually early afternoon at Saturday). So do not wait too long to buy yourself a raffle ticket and get yours on Friday or Saturday morning!

As always those raffle tickets will be 1 euro each and be from various categories (Instant wins: Mangas, books, plushies, DVDs, video games etc.; as well as big time raffle tickets for the big raffle with the valuable main prizes on stage on Sunday).

Our prizes are sponsored by companies and by many private donors, which we would like to thank at this point especially!!

The proceeds of the raffle will be donated entirely to the charity, ie organizations working for people, animals and our environment. What exactly will be is not yet known at the current time, so you are invited to make suggestions! If you project any particularly important or you will find it particularly worthy of support, then let us know!

And as far as it goes for the Aninite: Buy lots of tickets, win awesome prizes and do something good with it!

!!ATTENTION!! The raffle will be held on saturday and sunday this year!

If you want to gift us some prizes we will gladly accept this of course! We accept almost everything that is related to manga/japan/fandom in any way and still in an acceptable condition. You can contact us on via ENS to “Akabeko” or write a mail to – if you are living in vienna we will also come to you and fetch the stuff! If you are living in any other federal state or in another country you can bring us the prizes on friday or saturday morning directly to the raffle booth. Thank you to all generous donators! :)