Pokemon Tournament

General procedure of the tournament

Hey Pokemon fans!

This year it will be all around….the Pokéball 😉

There will be again a Pokémon-Tournament with the newest editions Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby being as the motto.

All that you need is your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS, a valid edition and a Pokémon team which are within the rules of the contest. Attention! There are only limited passes for trainers.

Two weeks before the AniNite there will be a sign up document on the homepage. You have to fill in

  • Your Name
  • The six participating Pokémons
  • And in which difficulty you want to participate (Beginner or Intermediate)


  • Beginner!! NO tactics!!!!
  • eg only “favorite Pokémons”
  • eg ingame team
  • NO breeding
  • You can’t use strategic items



  • Set of rules 2015


If you have a Con-ticket for all three days, you can only sign up online.

All of you who can’t come on Friday, you can sign up on Saturday at the Convention. Also here are the passes for trainers limited and you can only sign up if you have a ticket for Sunday in addition.


Rundown of the Convention days


 You can get your reserved passes at the Pokémon-Centre (Room of the Pokémon event)


 All the other passes can be retrieved before noon. (Attention, the quantity is limited!)

  • Over the course of the day are our team member are scattered in their Cosplays of the Gym Leaders out of OR/AS. You have to search, challenge and defeat them, so you can collect their badges. You’ll gain a sticker which will be placed into the pass.
  • A Gym Leader can be challenged 3 times. If you lose 3 times you will be disqualified.
  • If you lose a match you have to go first to the Pokémon center and get yourself “healed”.
  • The Gym Leaders don’t have to be defeated in the same order as used in the game.
  • Please be respectful if a Gym Leader is taking a break. (They are humans like you and need a break)
  • Every person who collected all the eight badges by the end of the day is qualified for the matches on Sunday.


  • Our team members are scattered in the Cosplays of the Top 4 from OR/AS. The procedure is the same as on Saturday. The only exception here is that the Champ can only be challenged if you defeated all of the Top 4. Only the first person who beats the Champ will win a prize.
  • One of the Top 4 can be challenged 2 times. If you lose 2 times you will be disqualified.
  • If you lose a match you have to go first to the Pokémon center and get yourself “healed”.
  • The Champ can only be challenged one time.

There will be a winner for the beginner and a winner for the intermediate. As soon you signed up, you’re agreeing not to avoid any of the fights.

We won’t make it easy for you this year. On both days you can expect serious fights. All of the challengers will get a Pokémon button which must be placed clearly visible. If not you will be disqualified. If you have questions please use ONLY our Facebook page. There will all the questions be answered ASAP.


https://www.facebook.com/pkmnaniniteAniNite Pokemon