Sweets in Japan

If you ask Otto and Ottilie for some highlights in the Japanese cuisine, they will most likely name Sushi, Ramen or Takoyaki. But besides the famous fish and noodle dishes, Japan has a long and blooming tradition in making marvelous sweets and candies. And exactly about these “wagashi” we want to give you a better understanding.

Here you will learn about the history of these tiny edible artworks, their main ingredients and different ways of cooking., their “patrons” and their tragic story, what influence the western traditions of baking on these sweets had, what a bakery looks like in Japan (not any different than Ströck, Anker etc. here!) and learn more about some of the most famous variations of the wagashi.
We also will briefly talk about some of the companies who produce the “modern” sweets of Japan like Pokky and Co. you will also learn where you can buy those here in Vienna or for some how to make them at home by yourself.

After the presentation we will have some samples for tasting (only limited supplies).

photo credit: Pocky CRUSH via photopin (license), Beispielfoto